Xing vico for composite braces comprehensive introduction


Single component material tank always have their own defects, we test the use of two or more materials braces, so, can have both the advantages of each component, but also compensate for their lack of. Called composite braces.

 (1) coated stainless steel braces

Coated with a thin layer of nitrogen in stainless steel braces appearance zirconium chloride may constitute a golden appearance, combined use of gold arch wire can make the color more beautiful. But coating skill has a can't overcome opposition in the material science, has a good hardness and wear-resisting function can coating material with poor adhesion between metal and often fall to coating; Has good adhesion with metal coating material, its clinical request wear-resisting function can't be happy again.

  (2) stainless steel precision lined with plastic braces and ceramic braces

Braces for plastic and ceramic braces wing in the use of simple cracking, and so on friction resistance characteristic, a manufacturer in plastic braces and ceramic braces slots inserted into the u-shaped stainless steel lining, it can not only save the braces to the maximum limit of beautiful effect, and can effectively prevent the suddenness from braces wing cracking and falling groove friction resistance.

  (3) porcelain packing plastic braces

also somebody USES in the plastic substrate to 15% ~ 30% ceramic packing method to deal with defects of poor plastic holder slot machine function, this kind of porcelain packing plastics braces preserved the braces appearance advantage, and the friction force is small, compact structure, good conductivity, and apply more and more.

  (4) with a stainless steel plate ceramic braces and plastic braces

by chemical bond floor ceramic braces and enamel bond force strong, and plastic braces and enamel bonding force, bring inconvenience to physicians and patients. Thus, manufacturers were launched with a stainless steel plate ceramic braces and plastic tank, so, not only saved the beautiful braces the appearance of the advantages, and save the ceramic braces to cohere the bother and plastic braces when questions drop rate is too high.