Plate industry internal need self-discipline and planning to treat the external environment


     Under the new normal, flooring industry to carry out the bottleneck, the changes in market conditions will many enterprises to advance to the forefront of the transformation. Outside the industry excess capacity, central skills is enough, the price wars with multiple struck down, companies were the effects of differences level. Bad inside, flooring industry standard and demand of more self-discipline.

    Potential possessions and weaker international floor is the resonance of the industry, export product quality into, do not cover the export quality on export goods of the more difficult scene deepened to domestic floor possessions "poor quality" of bad impression. Floor enterprise in our country since the temporary tips about center of the control force is not strong, the form is hard to cut the floor, thus greatly weakened the market competitiveness.

    After the hair of the floor of the international enterprises to export products to sell method for "pin", namely the company didn't have set up automatic open up international markets, not to automatically set up sales channels, but the method is a very active, wait for foreign customers come to order. Enterprise chose "pin" approach, is due to the collected within the level must be set up overseas sales, not just recruit professionals to add hair to sell capital, to put over the capital, process is very complex, the difficulty is also high. "Pin" capital is small, complex operation, but its disadvantages is not yu said: "sit pin" method of export manufacturers increasingly intense competition, and this kind of hair sell the forehead very not wave, enterprises out of a very active role.

    To price it is good to market is not complete, low price strategy is a kind of market of the wrist. Not to mention enterprises to adopt low price strategy can be profitable, up to impress a local greedy cheap consumer love. But outside the floor product price has become a industry norm, will render the vast brand and participate in price wars. Want to know, in the price war, some enterprises in order to rob market, the pursuit of sales, at the cost of product and service quality to deal with, will use the worst of the original data to consumer price is low, the product of poor quality, this product into the market will slow down the floor better homogeneity competition.

    China is in the house after adjustments and promotion of special tectonic stages, depending on the skill set different counsel xing possessions of sex is to promote the industry. Nearly two years under the policy, with the skills and market advance, floor house finished high speed increase, in the family scope increasingly powerful, possessions cluster advantages and clear, carrying out the marked achievements were scored in the use and other characteristics. But because China's floor possessions because the crux techniques failed to control, spare tips lack, enterprise can set different reasons such as weak, generally the belongings in possessions as chain low-end link, the added value of the product is not high, cause overall excess capacity, small micro enterprises have difficulty in life.

     China floor possessions was skills restricts the carried out for many years, only the control center skills talents Abroad, outside the industry. Enterprises should in asset prices all the way agreed under the premise of reasonable price range, beyond the price range that is seen as evil intention competition, will be combined with sanctions by industry enterprises. "The stronger the strong" is the industry of the discipline, the floor enterprise should not hold conservative residue, the active waiting, small businesses should be devoted to develop market segment, do a good job in the category of "small but beautiful", is invested in common, special product center; And big enterprises should when staying at the main battleground, conducted for battleground.