To enhance the brand competitiveness is the top priority board industry


      Brand consumption, brand as means of enterprise comprehensive strength, has become a mark on behalf of the enterprise competitiveness. Later, floor market competition intensified, face, rapidly change market to strengthen brand competitiveness by step as the top event of the floor enterprise to carry out. Brand competitiveness include enterprise in the capital, channels, technique, management, marketing and other aspects of the comprehensive advantages, floor enterprise to compete from the vast adversary in the barb, the cultivation of the strong increase in these areas.

     Without doubt, in today's economic situation, individual soldiers getting more and more difficult to win in market competition. Stay, but most companies are engaged in household building materials industry in the solo stage, not set up the integration of capital and knowledge clusters. Flooring industry as the main form of household building materials industry is local, want abundant attention means the advantages and benefits. Floor enterprise in the promotion transformation process, complete can help from each other, means of integration of product, market channels, design capital, human capital and other kinds of capital, promote each other to improve possessions promotion, constitutes a family cluster competitiveness weak.

     In recent years, the floor profession suffers exterior-interior recounted, but market demand has been put on, take market share the crux to look at the state of the brand vision. Flooring industry has quite a few brands, these brands have made different talent and design talent, they are not out of the design, manufacture process, such as category, can reach thousands of patents. Floor enterprise must insist on competitiveness, must strengthen self made from time to time different talents, pay attention to with the international top designers and design agencies, to receive new ideas, good ideas, blend in these products, to promote technology level and design level of promotion.

     Besides the above two, channel transformation also put into or missing. Before some companies only do the dealer channel specificity, ratio and lower the head, only to find that sales channels have become. Floor on multiple channel transformation road lay particular stress on corporate strategy, export value with the help of a professional stores, multiple channels, such as electric business platform, take the international market; The pin to gradually establish the independent brand sales channels, for example, set up shop in a foreign country, etc., release attachment of OEM business, and so on.

      In the future, flooring industry competition will only escalating, floor enterprise want to hasten to seize market, should adjust counsel resolution plan as soon as possible, hurtling down the transformation of the brand promotion path, from time to time to the promotion of enterprise itself, superior construction of spleen and word of mouth, invention of competitiveness, lay in the future development of enterprises.