The builders of the spirit of floor industry is what


 for floor industry, the builders spirit not only stay in concept, it needs the enterprise to master the essence of dwell, based on the root cause, dedicated to practice.

 , inheritance. The builders spirit should first have the concept of inheritance. Say crosstalk, a review of the book, and suddenly turn hostile, shadow play, these old civilization, civilization is our country's treasures, someone must live on. Flooring industry, too, some of the old good technology, also live on demand enterprises. Although today's industry is more and more prosperous, but the details of rich artistic feeling, is always demand craftsmen carved personally. This technique, the floor enterprise to live on and only qualified to talk about the spirit of craftsmen.

    2, persistent. Builders spirit must be persistent, obsessed with a thing, don't keep, don't be impatient, with this spirit, product ability step by step into the soul of craftsmen, just can have vitality, does not seem to work. Persistence is the basic driving force builders spirit.

    three and serene. Now days, people face the lure of money is too big, the whole market environment is materialistic. The so-called is calm, just don't put the money in the first place. If what all money together, then who else, to calm down and do the builders? The floor enterprise also needs have a serene state of mind, can't see the money in the first place.

    four, the good faith. What is integrity? Integrity is worthy customer, product quality assurance, don't cheat consumers, not disorderly, the builders of the spirit of a market, not just a simple product manufacturing. No matter how good your product, if the fool consumers, the price artificially high, also is the loss of the spirit of the builders.

    five, the details. Like many simple product why with the builders spirit? Was partly due to their quality, and on the other hand is their craftsmen in handmade, fine detail, will never allow any defect in the products to market. With this product in the pursuit of details, nature can do a good job.